Montag, 8. September 2014

Metronomy: Neuer Videoclip zu Month of Sundays

Und ein weiterer Videoclip ist raus. Dazu gibts auch noch nen Interview mit Joseph Mount mit dem Nowness Magazin, die den Clip als erste veröffentlichen.

How important is it to make a decent music video these days?
Joseph Mount:
 Very important. I look back to the 1990s, at things like “Ping Pong” by Stereolab or “Black Hole Sun” by Pearl Jam. We made our last video with Michel Gondry. When I was like 16 or 17 years old I would go and stay with my friend in Reading and he had MTV. I’d sit and just watch it for hours and hours. I didn’t necessarily like The Chemical Brothers before seeing his video, but afterwards I did. There’s a point where good ideas can make you like a band, even if you didn’t at first. 

“Never in a Month of Sundays” seems quite a quaint British saying these days. Did the song grow out of the phrase?
JM: The song was going to be this slightly cynical song about the music industry in America, but then I just thought that was a tosser’s thing to do, so I changed it to work around this phrase. There are others I want to put into a song, like “bully for you” and “you’ve made a right pig’s ear of that.”

The track is reflective of the album: there are influences from some classic bands, but boiled down to their minimal and sparse essentials. Where does that idea come from? 
JM: I just like learning more about what makes your songs sound like your songs. With this record, we worked in an eight-track tape studio. You have to try and distil it down to essentially eight parts. If you still feel like you can get a song or feeling across while it’s quite minimal, then you’re getting somewhere. 

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